05/01 COOK Code Review


To Merge:

  • COOK-2736: Add catalina_options
  • COOK-2630: Improvements to Readme and Services.cfg.erb template
  • COOK-2739: Upgrade OSSEC to version 2.7
  • COOK-830: ssh_known_hosts cookbook uses an inordinate amount of RAM
    when running exception handlers
  • COOK-2460: create attribute for allowed_hosts
  • COOK-2740: Use FQDN for a client name
  • COOK-2741: yum::elrepo . A drbd cookbook exists to do this work
  • COOK-2743: ntp travis build fails
  • COOK-2603: Install PowerDNS from powerdns.com


  • COOK-1675: Defer to Chef code review. jtimberman Moved to Chef
  • COOK-2527: Can’t use package to install jenkins. Defer to Seth Chisamore
  • COOK-2424: Fix reviewed. Add endorsed directory support. Slight
    refactor of default password generation
  • COOK-2425: Fix reviewed. Add SSL connector support. Slight refactor of
    default password generation
  • COOK-2607: Chef 10 server users should stay on the older
    release. The newer version here should work with the configuration
    produced by “chef-server-ctl reconfigure”