08-12-2013 COOK Code Review


Ohai Cheffists,

COOK Code review prceedings follow

To Merge:

  • COOK-3320: Configure bind and cluster over the specified addr
  • COOK-3095: Varnish Cookbook Needs Tests
  • COOK-3323: couchdb’s local.ini doesn’t notify the service to restart
  • COOK-3116: Postfix cookbook with a smartos
  • COOK-3056: Custom sudoers config prefix


  • COOK-3322: Further review necessary
  • COOK-3321: Author see github and jira comments
  • COOK-3318: Author see GH comment
  • COOK-2930: Reopened for test-kitchen tests + other comments
  • COOK-2293: Needs a rebase for clean merge