08/31 Opscode Ticket Triage


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to merge:
OHAI-201 - Ohai should fail gracefully when optional plugins are missing dependencies
OHAI-267 - identifying rackspace’s managed cloud instances
OHAI-272 - platform_version for SuSE 11.3 is an empty String
OHAI-276 - ip_scopes plugin fails when there’s a network interface without addresses like linux’s sit
OHAI-281 - Solaris platform plugin does not work with GNU uname on OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris.
OHAI-282 - IPv6 addresses blow away IPv4 addresses during Ohai Solaris network detection.
OHAI-283 - Add zpool introspection support to Ohai for Solaris distributions.
OHAI-288 - report FreeBSD jail guest/host
COOK-670 - Added Solaris service-installation support for chef-client cookbook.
COOK-705 - initialize domain variable
COOK-717 - remove windows_env_vars resource as env resource exists in core chef
COOK-718 - create a cookbook for deploying/managing Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
COOK-719 - create resource/provider for managing windows features

OHAI-167 - ohai should have a config file
closed, won’t fix, idea is not without merit, not a priority. use the chef config for ohai configuration now.
OHAI-168 - ohai should have a disable_plugins
closed, won’t fix, Ohai already has this ability
OHAI-208 - Allow flag to exclude counter data
closed, won’t fix, easy to exclude counter data using a custom configuration
OHAI-214 - linux::network plugin does not work with cron
closed, already fixed
OHAI-233 - ohai should be more efficient when only displaying single attributes
reopened, this would be nice to have
OHAI-242 - ohai does not parse server VM version correctly
closed, duplicate of OHAI-227
OHAI-245 - Encoding errors on Ruby 1.9.2
reopened, need to apply fix from OHAI-275 to password plugin
OHAI-277 - ohai looking for explicitly named ‘ruby’ executable when probing for language attributes
closed, dupe of OHAI-172
OHAI-289 - ipaddress handling when node has multiple IP addresses
reopened, patch needs to report ip addresses vs just the one with the largest subnet mask.


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