1/11 Opscode Ticket Triage


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To merge:
CHEF-2844 - monkey-patch of Ruby stdlib String to add the instance
method #ord is broken
CHEF-2846 - Knife SSH does not use ssh_attribute from Knife Config
CHEF-2781 - 409 error when trying to upload any cookbook with
’–freeze’ option
CHEF-2801 - Knife bumps the cookbook version in environment even
there was an error while uploading
CHEF-2859 - Missing spec for knife cookbook list
CHEF-2860 - Add default value for Chef::Config[:data_bag_path]
KNIFE_EC2-44 - Teach ec2_create_server the --ssh-port option
KNIFE_EC2-39 - Failing specs

CHEF-2594 - chef-expander goes into a die/fork/die loop on invalid messages
Needs a CLA
CHEF-2856 - gpasswd provider does not handle empty groups
Add a test for the fix
CHEF-2854 - Allow for controlling the environment that chef uses to
run external commands
Awesome feature, lots of code comments made

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