1/18 Opscode Code Review


To Merge:

  • COOK-2229: Allow specification of unicorn command line in config file
  • COOK-2221: make nginx::source compatible with gentoo
  • COOK-2230: Careful about Debian minor version numbers
  • COOK-2233: Provide postgresql::config recipe to install useful server
    administration tools
  • COOK-2231: Fix support for postgresql 9.x in server_redhat recipe
  • COOK-2164: Redhat support for Runit


  • COOK-2216: To be reviewed. Software release took precedence over the
    review of the
    nginx README updates here
  • COOK-2232: Reopen, place large hash in an attribute like:
    node[‘postgresql’][‘pgdg’][‘repo_rpm_url’]. Call fetch_node on that
    attr from the same recipe
  • COOK-2235: Reopen, Would it be necessary to change the path for the
    :enable, :disable actions of the provider as well?

Happy Friday everyone!