1/2 Opscode Code Review


Chef 10.16.4 shipped over the holidays, mostly to fix a bug caused by a rewrite of moneta.

Chef 10.18.0 has a prerelease gem out and Chef 11.0.0 could use some testing out of the master branch of the git repo.

To merge:
CHEF-3664 - The ‘map’ variable is defined and never used in the set_or_return method of lib/chef/mixim/params_validate.rb
CHEF-1761 - Change signal TERM to quit after the running jobs are finished
COOK-2116 - Maven should be available on the path
COOK-2078 - Add syntax highlighting to sudo README
COOK-2033 - Can not stop Mercurial cookbook from setting permissions across repo
COOK-2120 - Add node.nginx.passenger.gem_binary attribute for RVM and RBENV compatibility
COOK-2121 - yum repository LWRP does not have a :create action. Default :add is only equivalent to :create_if_missing
COOK-2122 - pip using old -E syntax again
COOK-2126 - Add checksum attribute to windows_zipfile
COOK-2124 - SELinux::enforcing recipe fails if SELinux is currently disabled
COOK-1553 - Nagios: check_nagios command does not work if Nagios is installed from source
COOK-2044 - README.md does not include description of yum::repoforge
COOK-2045 - Add remi recipe
COOK-2117 - Undefined variable “grant_statement” in provider_database_mysql_user.rb
COOK-2068 - Don’t install passenger on each run

CHEF-3610 - when bootstrapping, should set log_level in /etc/chef/client.rb to the log_level of knife/chef process
Reopened - Modify #start_chef instead of the config file
CHEF-3685 - rspec tests fail because chef-10.16.2.gem does not contain .dotfile
Reopened - Don’t include ‘…’ and other directories
CHEF-3693 - Chef shouldn’t mangle the load path
Reviewed - Dan will look for a solution that doesn’t breaking running from inside the git repo
CHEF-3237 - Expanding ‘~/Library/LaunchAgents’ fails resolving HOME when running chef-client as root
Reopened - Check for the HOME environment variable instead of UID 0
COOK-2119 - Sudo sudoer.erb doesn’t support multiple commands in a single sudo block
Reopened - Multiple commands should be allowed in one line
COOK-2128 - Allow apache passenger to be installed via packages
Reopened - Attribute changes don’t match
COOK-1554 - Nagios: The nagios server should be added to all relevant host groups
Reopened - Add itself to the nodes object if it isn’t already there
COOK-2115 - Improve passenger_apache2 cookbook source
Wontfix - Vertical columns are a personal preference

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