1/21 Opscode Code Review


Lots of activity while I was out on vacation the last couple of weeks!

Dan’s kicking out a Chef Client 11 beta shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for it. In the future we won’t necessarily be releasing new versions of the Chef Client and the Chef Server at the same time.

To merge:
CHEF-3442 - Portage package provider souldn’t raise an error “Multiple packages found for …” when the category is specified.
CHEF-3731 - Delayed attribute evaluation
CHEF-3774 - chef-client process running with a shebang '(ruby /usr/bin/chef-client)

CHEF-3747 - Add ChefPackage resources
Reviewed - Still need to talk about this
CHEF-2821 - add “–sudo-use-password” option to knife bootstrap to tell sudo to read --ssh-password from stdin
Reopened - Improve the existing functionality in Chef::knife::Ssh
CHEF-972 - resource action should have higher precedence than only_if/not_if
Reopened - Reduce the duplication of code with Conditional
CHEF-3779 - Add -A (forward SSH agent) option to knife commands
Reopened - Needs a rebase, and a short test would be nice
CHEF-3781 - Add knife deps and knife-essentials changes from 0.8.6
Reopened - Separate new features from bug fixes

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