1/23 Opscode Code Revie


We’re waiting on a Win2k3 fix to get Chef Client 11.0.0.beta.0 out in Omnibus packages. I was hoping we would have gotten there already, but alas, soon.

To merge:
CHEF-3779 - Add -A (forward SSH agent) option to knife commands
CHEF-3068 - Chef resources display incorrectly in log files on windows due to splitting on :
COOK-2254 - runit provider
CHEF-972 - resource action should have higher precedence than only_if/not_if
CHEF-3783 - compatibility for chef/dsl/recipe not found in chef/mixin/recipe_definition_dsl_core.rb
CHEF-3706 - Knife should provide commands for the user endpoint
CHEF-3707 - knife configure -i should create a user and not a client
COOK-2216 - Nagios cookbook readme needs improvement
COOK-2238 - Postgresql recipe error in password check
COOK-1752 - Add headers more module to the nginx cookbook
COOK-2208 - Add ‘classifier’ attribute to maven cookbook
COOK-2241 - Stylesheets fail to load on a fresh Nagios install
COOK-2240 - Nagios server setup needs to gracefully fail when users data bag is not present
COOK-2139 - fedora has couchdb package, no EPEL required
COOK-2166 - fedora support in fail2ban
COOK-2246 - Most of the commands in the Nagios cookbook don’t work
COOK-2248 - apache2::mod_php5 uses not_if “which php” without ensuring package ‘which’ is installed
COOK-2242 - Remove unused checks in the NRPE config file

CHEF-3762 - LWRP should allow subclassing
Reopened - Do we need a DSL for this?
CHEF-3676 - Add copy/move actions to the file resource
Reopened - Needs some cleanup and to mimic cp/mv IRT perms
CHEF-1031 - remote file resource should handle ftp urls
Reopened - Needs tests, ensure we don’t cause regressions
CHEF-3786 - remote_file: support authenticated HTTP/HTTPS requests
Reopened - Same PR as CHEF-1031
COOK-2171 - On apt_repository.run_action(:add) the source file is not created.
Skipped - Joshua says to use cookbook version 1.7 for now
COOK-2210 - User management via node attributes
Reopened - Needs tests and a few cleanup issues
COOK-2167 - openssh iptables support
Reopened - No patch provided
COOK-2138 - Python: Add fedora platform_family support
Reopened - platform_family?(“rhel”, “fedora”)
COOK-2166 - fedora support in fail2ban
Reopened - Needs a rebase and variables in the template set correctly

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