1/25 Opscode Code Review


We’re working on getting a backlog of knife plugin releases tested and out over the next few days, and hopefully Chef Client 11.0.0.beta.1 with Omnibus packages tonight.

To merge:
COOK-2247 - nagios::client_source sets pkgs to a string, then tries to pkgs.each do {|pkg| package pkg }
COOK-2250 - Improve firewall readme
COOK-2134 - Handle nagios-nrpe-server and nrpe names for NRPE in the init scripts and cookbook
COOK-2115 - Improve passenger_apache2 cookbook source
COOK-1601 - Install Emacs without X support by default on Arch linux
COOK-2210 - User management via node attributes
COOK-2268 - Allow to run with chef-solo
COOK-2236 - Update the Oracle Java version in the Java cookbook to release 1.7u11
COOK-2271 - ValidationFailed error in java_webapp provider
COOK-2198 - apache::mod_auth_openid compiles from source, but does not install make on debian/ubuntu

COOK-2219 - Support proxy_read_timeout (in nginx.conf)
Reopened - New attribute needs to be documented
COOK-2220 - Support client_max_body_size (in nginx.conf)
Reopened - New attribute needs to be documented
COOK-2259 - add no_lazy_load config parameter to client.rb
Reviewed - Waiting on CHEF-3045 to be merged
COOK-1997 - Nagios cookbook should be able to use Icinga as a drop-in replacement
Reopened - Needs a rebase

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