1/28 Opscode Code Review


We’re still working on finishing fixing up a test in CI to get Chef Client 11 Omnibus builds out, should be up today or tomorrow.

To merge:
CHEF-972 - resource action should have higher precedence than only_if/not_if
CHEF-3045 - Chef errors out with 403 when retrieving cookbook_file, template resources on a very long Chef run
CHEF-2296 - chef-solr debian package fail to detect existing rabbitmq user
COOK-2176 - PostgreSQL cookbook in Solo mode can cause "NoMethodError: undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass"
COOK-2269 - Set allow list for mod_status incase external monitor scripts need
COOK-2276 - cookbook apache2 documentation regarding listening ports doesn’t match default attributes
COOK-2277 - opscode/cookbooks has been deprecated for 9 months
COOK-2278 - Install mercurial using pip
COOK-2275 - The Nagios3 download URL attribute is unused
COOK-2279 - typo in README.md
COOK-2281 - postfix aliases uses require_recipe statement yet, should be include_recipe.
COOK-2188 - A notification interval of zero is valid but prohibited by the cookbook
COOK-2272 - Complete platform_family conversion in build-essential
COOK-2006 - Extract default checks out of nagios
COOK-2285 - Refactor data bag searches into library
COOK-2280 - Allow custom timing of nginx_site’s reload notification

CHEF-2205 - User Provider should specify -M to user add when manage home is not set
Reviewed: How can we slip this in? ML post sent.
CHEF-3799 - Cannot call puts on a VividMash
Closed - already merged to master
OHAI-425 - Ohai discovery on hp cloud fails (using the openstack plugin)
Reopened - Needs tests
OHAI-428 - provide root_group attribute
Reopened - Make it a plugin
OHAI-126 - ohai -d option parsing bug?
Reopened - Needs a regression test
COOK-2273 - I miss having the latest windows updates…
Reopened - Should be brought into the future and made a LWRP
COOK-2270 - Make ‘app_lb’ config template dynamic
Wontfix - We don’t like the pattern of using attributes to overwrite template sources
COOK-874 - select repositories to include in sources.list via an attribute in the ubuntu cookbook
Reopened - s/repositories/components/
COOK-2256 - Be able to configure any plugin via attributes
Reopened - We’re not sure how this works.

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