1/30 Opscode Code Review


We’ve been busy all night helping the Rubygems.org folks get rebuilt using Chef. There are some different workflow choices than we normally use, so I’ve found it interesting. You can checkout their git repository here:

To merge:
CHEF-3364 - Fix up Smartos Package provider
COOK-2300 - You should be able to define a nagios_service into the “all” host group
COOK-2291 - Add additional tunables to the fail2ban cookbook
COOK-874 - select components to include in sources.list via an attribute in the ubuntu cookbook
COOK-2219 - Support proxy_read_timeout (in nginx.conf)
COOK-2232 - Provide PGDG yum repo to install postgresql 9.x on redhat-derived distributions
COOK-2297 - more gracefully handle pip packages from VCS and source archives
COOK-2304 - nginx cookbook should install 1.2.6 not 1.2.3 for source installs
COOK-2305 - nginx cookbook should use platform_family not platform
COOK-2306 - FoodCritic fixes for java cookbook

CHEF-2821 - add “–sudo-use-password” option to knife bootstrap to tell sudo to read --ssh-password from stdin
Reopened - The test doesn’t appear relevant to the patch
CHEF-3307 - Name attribute in metadata.rb doesnt seem to actually work
Reopened - Needs tests and a cleaner approach
CHEF-3772 - Managing services on Solaris and SmartOS does not works well.
Reopened - Use shellout please
CHEF-2576 - Omnibus for Joyent SmartMachines
Reopened - Many, many patches, without explanation
CHEF-3802 - omnibus package symlinks not created for chef-apply, chef-shell
Reviewed - Need to make internal CI choices
CHEF-3803 - mount resource does not update fstab entry when mount options have changed
Reopened - Needs test
CHEF-3804 - device_mount_regex in mount provider does not handle symlinks correctly
Reopened - Needs test
COOK-1059 - Update attributes in mysql cookbook to support missing options for my.cnf usable by Percona
Reopened - Values don’t appear to be backward compatible
COOK-2287 - Add support for installing Erlang from source
Reopened - Use separate recipes for install_methods
COOK-2293 - Ohai attributes on first run points to embedded Ruby
Reopened - This node attribute hack will not work on Chef 11
COOK-2296 - mod_auth_openid doesn’t have tags/releases for the version I need for features and fixes
Reopened - The version and ref attributes don’t provide a workable solution

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