1/31 Code Review


Backlog on COOK is back down to 50! woohoo! Thanks for everyone who’s
reviewing in the meetings and outside of the meetings as well to speed
things up.

COOK-4154 - Add chefspec matchers.rb file to apt cookbook.
COOK-4146 - wrong dependency in git::source for rhel 6
COOK-4182 - Template parse failure in /etc/init/mysql.conf (data_dir)
COOK-2966 - mysql cookbook has foodcritic failures

COOK-4162 - change “No NTP servers specified” message to :debug
Reopened - Invalid syntax, use Chef::Log.debug
COOK-4187 - Add Berkshelf, Gemfile, Testkitchen, and fix foodcritic warnings
Reopened - Formatting and berks issues on the pull request
COOK-4181 - Parameterize source tarball location
Reviewed - Waiting for another patch
COOK-4198 - Added missing tunable
Reopened - this should be added to the configuration without a value

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