1/4 Opscode Code Review


I’m on vacation for a couple weeks but code review will continue on. Keep an eye on twitter, the wiki and IRC for updates from other regular Opscode faces.

To merge:
COOK-2129 - If a host is in the _default environment it should go into the _default hostgroup
COOK-2131 - gd development packages are not necessary for NRPE installs from source
COOK-2132 - Update NRPE installs to 2.14 from 2.13
COOK-2135 - Use with-nagios-user and group options source NRPE installs
COOK-2150 - hostgroups data bag search doesn’t respect the multi_environment_monitoring attribute
COOK-2130 - Chef needs to use the correct nagios plugin path on 64bit CentOS systems
COOK-2136 - Nagios will not pass config check when multiple machines in different domains have the same hostname
COOK-2140 - nginx template server_name incorrect
COOK-2146 - chef_handler: style update
COOK-2147 - application_python cookbook’s django sub-resource searches the wrong directory when looking for requirement files
COOK-2148 - aws_ebs_volume attach action saves nil volume_id in node
COOK-547 - The bluepill cookbook does not reload services when the template is changed
COOK-2142 - Windows Cookbook: Add printer and printer_port LWRPs
COOK-2149 - Chef::Log.debug Windows Package command line
COOK-2151 - Add two config settings to rabbitmq.config
COOK-2152 - Add recipe for IIS6 metabase compatibility
COOK-2095 - Add windows support to java cookbook
COOK-2127 - Use platform_family in jpackage to add OS support

COOK-2114 - Yum cookbook should allow using RPM based cookbooks
Reopened - Be more consistent about 'prefer_rpm_repos’
COOK-2125 - use sudoers.d by default for chef users and groups
Reopened - Default would break RHEL5, why the ubuntu template?
COOK-2145 - MySQL cookbook should remove anonymous and password less accounts
Reopened - Don’t do so by default

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