1/6 Chef Code Review


MIXLIB-18 - Adds error? method to ShellOut
MIXLIB-19 - Copy stderr to live_stream along with stdout of the subprocess
COOK-4125 - chef-server is not reconfigured after updating
COOK-3947 - Git cookbook adds a new instance of itself to the path
on every run
COOK-4140 - firewall_rule always notifies even when rule already exists

MIXLIB-8 - silence output in mixlib-cli tests
Reopened - That’s a big hammer for an probably small issue
MIXLIB-13 - ShellOut does not set the execution_time attribute on Windows
Reopened - Unit test
COOK-4151 - Runit should set locale
Reopened - Leave the locale as C by default
COOK-4139 - users_manage resource always notifies
Reopened - Use use_inline_resources

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