1/9 Opscode Code Review


To Merge:

  • CHEF-3731: Delayed attribute evaluation
  • CHEF-3735: typos in resource names should show the typo in the error
  • CHEF-3452: Use pull 535, move message about
    –force to knife plugin instead of Chef::CookbookUpload class
  • CHEF-3685: rspec tests fail because chef-10.16.2.gem does not
    contain .dotfile
  • COOK-2172: Mysql cookbook duplicates binlog_format configuration
  • COOK-2181: Adding full module support to iis cookbook
  • COOK-2186: add service escalation to nagios (fix log messages)
  • COOK-1469: memcached cookbook should include_recipe “yum::epel” for
    RHEL 5
  • COOK-1746: (fix dangling ‘<’ in template)
  • COOK-2190: clean up release notes, move from README to CHANGELOG
  • COOK-2191: maven3 recipe’s “version” doesn’t match the attributes
  • COOK-2180: Plugin management via node attributes
    -COOK-2192: Add option to use cron_d resource for cron management


  • CHEF-3714: Reopen, find out what needs to be public to use the code,
    if it is to find out if the file was edited, a public
    method, #file_edited? perhaps
  • CHEF-3712: Reopen, followup for query in comment
  • CHEF-3611: Reopen, separate method, bonus points for a separate class
  • CHEF-2576: Followup with folks for review, comments added in PRs
  • CHEF-972: Reopen, Need to send event for output formatters


  • CHEF-3734: Reopen, what is the use case for enable_checkout, need
    tests. checkout_branch is useful though
  • CHEF-3644: Reopen, does this work on RHEL 5? Needs existing test
    updated (e.g.


  • CHEF-3719, duplicate of CHEF-3452
  • CHEF-3693: Reopen, pending followup in comments, not requiring
    rubygems would be cool
  • CHEF-2994: Internal followup
  • COOK-2183: Reopened, we’ll want to make this better for extending to
    other packages available from nginx.org (apt etc)
  • COOK-2187: Won’t fix, leave this up to local admins to set in their
    own cookbook
  • COOK-2188: Reopened, use #to_i instead of #to_f


Joshua Timberman joshua@opscode.com