10/1 Opscode Code Review


A bit of cookbook catch up today for you.

Everyone’s coming to the summit in Seattle, right? It’ll be fun!

To merge:
COOK-1598 - “Create” isn’t a mandatory option

COOK-1600 - Allow passing listen port for webserver in munin cookbook

COOK-1582 - ssh_keys should take an array as opposed to a string
separated by new lines

COOK-1572 - application_ruby cookbook should allow specification of
’bundle’ command via attribute

COOK-1622 - Add an LWRP for managing files in /etc/cron.d/

COOK-1641 - add “use”, “multi_accept” and “worker_rlimit_nofile” to
nginx cookbook

COOK-1233 - Add optional configuration to facilitate handling of
canonical maps

Reopened - Document the new attributes
COOK-1338 - Update log rotate for more flexability of rotate options
Reopened - Add a validation check on passed options
COOK-1577 Allow override of unicorn command in application_ruby cookbook

Reopened - Need response from OP.

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