10/10 Opscode Code Review


We’re totally getting ready for a Chef 10.16.0 RC release, really soon
now. How about this pace, huh?

To merge:
CHEF-3508 - Improper usage of Fileutils#rm_f in Chef::Provider::Ifconfig

CHEF-3413 - bootstrap/distro templates leave secret files world readable

OHAI-400 - Show IAM role security credentials in Amazon EC2

KNIFE_EC2-79 - Add support for --ebs-optimized

COOK-1605 - freebsd_port_options always notifies

COOK-1616 - FreeBSD support in the chef_handler cookbook

COOK-1657 - download urls broken in the maven cookbook

COOK-1337 - Maven LWRP should allow you to specify a destination
filename in addition to the destination directory

COOK-1656 - Make keepalived configurable. Add some tests.

COOK-1663 - Configurable ListenAddress based off list of interface names

COOK-1665 - app pool identity and new node[iis][component] attribute

COOK-1726 - Update WebPI cookbook to use version 4

COOK-1666 - Recipe to remove default site and app pool

COOK-1678 - syslog user does not exist on debian 6.0 and ubuntu versions
lower than 11.04

COOK-1515 - move creation of node[‘nginx’][‘dir’] out of commons.rb

COOK-1668 - git cookbook fails to run due to bad platform_family call

COOK-1524 - nginx checksums are md5
COOK-1523 - nginx http_geoip_module requires libtoolize

COOK-1638 - Address foodcritic warnings. Mostly adding Scientific Linux

KNIFE_EC2-86 - Allow attaching EBS volumes at server create

Reopened - Needs commits separated + branch rebased against master
KNIFE_EC2-87 - Integrate WinRM bootstrap to allow knife ec2 server
create to bootstrap a Windows instance

Reopened - Two pull requests need reconcilation
KNIFE_EC2-88 - Allow to use multiple tags with same keys

Reopened - Avoid creating more special characters
COOK-1670 - syslog user missing in client install

Closed - Duplicates CHEF-1678
COOK-1654 tmux package from peel

Reopened - don’t make assumptions about EPEL vs source
COOK-1660 - postfix aliases should allow comma separated arrays

Reopened - Why the double quotes?

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