10/15 Developer Office Hours


We had someone join today asking about a cookbook pull request. I
looked on the wiki at [1] on the cookbooks site to see that some Chef
people managed the cookbook and pinged them to take a look. I think it
just fell through the cracks through being on a cookbook that rarely
gets updates. The wiki is a good place to look to see who manages
cookbooks that used to be managed by Chef though.

[1] https://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Community+Cookbook+Diversification

Chef #2237 - mount resource : allow to mount cgroups
Read for merge - Should add a text, can duplicate the existing ones.

Chef #2196 - [knife-ec2]Command-line options do not take precedence
over knife.rb configuration (#247)
There’s a way to save some functionality in these tests, please look into it.

Chef #2126 - Remove node_name lookup in knife ssh error handler
Looks good, ready for merge.

Ohai #428 - detect if inside Docker container
This could break existing LXC detection

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