10/15 Opscode Code Review


Large portions of Opscode are on the move this week as we head back to HQ
to plot together and prepare for the summit next week. Exciting times are

Have you tested 10.16.0.rc.0 yet? If you do and happen to be at the summit
next week I will buy you a drink! There might be a test, though.

To merge:
COOK-1685 - Make default sshd_config value more robust
COOK-1692 - Make heartbeat available for Centos/Redhat
COOK-1699 - add LWRP for heartbeat configuration

COOK-1695 - python_pip: Timeout value not passed to pip

Reopened - default-timeout argument has changed to timeout
COOK-1675 - LWRPs for configuring bool, policy, restore con

Reopened - Add idempotency to the LWRPs
COOK-1712 - Incorrect sshd_config permissions

Reopened - Will the real default please stand up?

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