10/2 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4571 - GET ‘/cookbooks/foo/_latest’ returns duplicate JSON keys
in recipes
CHEF-4585 - chef/mixin/shell_out should require mixlib/shellout and
document why it requires chef/shell_out
CHEF-2928 - Chef solo’s role_path should allow for an array of paths
COOK-3436 - Recipe mysql::ruby fails when using percona packages
COOK-3663 - runit cookbook: Add ./check scripts support
COOK-3608 - rsyslog 50-default template knobs
COOK-3597 - Implementation of initdb_locale attribute for EL
(redhat/centos/etc) distros
COOK-3331 - dmg_package with no source raises an exception
COOK-3471 - Chef solo support
COOK-3594 - Jenkins server package test incorrectly checks directory
permissions that package installation can modify
COOK-3605 - Nginx Lua module

CHEF-4583 - “–use-sudo-password” missing from knife documentation
Fixed - fixed in chef-docs
CHEF-4578 - groupadd add non_unique support (-o)
Reopened - Needs a CLA, and a test
CHEF-4555 - zypper provider does not support options
Reopened - Needs a test
CHEF-4562 - LWRP not working if cookbook in name got leading underscore
Reopened - Needs a test
CHEF-4546 - chef-solo incompatible with --interval
Reopened - Needs a test
COOK-3661 - Adding support for provisioning chef-server behind proxy
Reopened - Rework the conditionals
COOK-664 - apt cookbook should check platform
Reviewed - Opscode folks can work this out between themselves
COOK-3669 - Nginx Cookbook. Change force_recompile flag due to another recipe.
Reopened - This is an order problem
COOK-3643 - FreeBSD support for sudo cookbook
Reopened - use node[‘root_group’]
COOK-3633 - Add not_if for stopping action during updating erlang cookie
Reopened - Needs to not use the log resource for notifying
COOK-3526 - postgresql recipe does not correctly detect status
Reopened - use status_command?

Needs asynchronous review:
COOK-3488 - set alternatives for IBM JDK

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