10/23 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3582 - whyrun mode fails for user resource lock action
CHEF-4003 - Make template path available
COOK-3347 - Change the job provider to consume the jenkins_api_client
COOK-411 - openldap authentication should validate server certificate
COOK-3343 - Can’t parse release candidate version number
COOK-3741 -UDP settings for memcached
COOK-3592 - allow source ports to be defined as a range in ufw
COOK-3025 - Allow proxy in yum_repository resource declarations
COOK-3697 - mysql security hardening
COOK-3777 - Update NRPE in nagios cookbook to 2.15
COOK-3135 - Allow setting of members with default recipe without
changing the template
COOK-3481 - Fix MySQL Windows Bugs

CHEF-4420 - mailto attribute in Cron resource can not be removed once set
Reopened - Needs a test
OHAI-473 - ipaddress is not set in FreeBSD 9.1
Duplicate - OHAI-492
OHAI-513 - Cannot find plugin providing attribute 'linux::lsb’
Closed - Already fixed
CHEF-4528 - A value of LWRP action has two cases, array or symbol.
Wontfix - In Chef 12, we need to take actions off of resources anyway
CHEF-4591 - knife role env_run_list manipulation
Reviewed - Lots of duplicate code still, need to redesign this
CHEF-4421 - Improve “No cookbook found” error message
Reopened - Needs to be refactored to do the right thing
CHEF-4612 - knife bootstrap: Remove --secret option in favor of --secret-file
Reviewed - Do we really want to remove that?
COOK-3480 - Add Windows Support to Apache
Wontfix - This should be a separate cookbook
COOK-2307 - Allow specifying a monitored client interface
Reviewed - Should this be a wrapper cookbook?
COOK-3472 - Cgi support for newer versions of munin ( > 2 ) and nginx
Reopened - Various code cleanup, rebase, readme

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