10/28 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4615 - --chef-repo-path doesn’t work for knife deps, download, etc
CHEF-4633 - deep merge should not re-assign dest var for every key
in a source hash

OHAI-518 - Rackspace no longer sets a default RDNS
Reopened - Fix the tests
OHAI-497 - Expose additional CPU attributes in Ohai for OS X
Reopened - Needs tests
OHAI-495 - Virtualbox not detected if guest additions aren’t installed
Reopened - Broken test
OHAI-292 - Have Ohai report logical cores as separate from 'fake’
hyperthreaded cores
Reopened - Needs tests
OHAI-521 - Google Go Plugin for Ohai
Reopened - Needs a unit test
CHEF-4606 - New option for ‘knife ssh’ : --sudo-password
Reopened - Does --use-sudeo-password already cover this?
CHEF-4481 - knife bootstrap doesn’t let cmd line ssh options
override knife.rb options
Reopened - See Net::SSH.configuration_for
CHEF-4637 - Add support for the new generation FreeBSD package manager
Reopened - Need to figure out how to do this in the face of provider mapping

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