10/3 Opscode Code Review


We’re probably looking at a 10.16.0 RC release next week.

To merge:
CHEF-3455 - Add commandline options to allow scripting of knife
configure --initial
CHEF-3463 - knife-linode: Add Linode configuration parameters to the
(new) Ohai hints

CHEF-3469 - Chef::RunList should have an #add method

CHEF-3477 - knife node show shows unexpected brackets for single-member

CHEF-3487 - Refactor CookbookLoader to walk @repo_paths only once

CHEF-3489 - chef-client should permit whitespace in --override-runlist

CHEF-3478 - Isolate Chef::Client instance run within method

Reopened - Please up factor the common method
CHEF-3479 - Add bootstrap tracking for client, user and time

Reopened - Add a test, don’t send nulls.
CHEF-3484 - knife ssh plugin fails with following statement: block in configure_session': undefined method[]’

Reopened - Why are we even getting nil? Lets not change to ipv4_address

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