10/3 Opscode Cookbook Code Review


More great contributions keep coming in, a big thanks to everyone that

To merge:
COOK-1581 - Adds Windows scheduled task LWRP
COOK-1729 - Adds task recipe for Windows scheduled task
COOK-1722 - Updates ius repo verion
COOK-1088 - Changed epel direct download link from redirect
COOK-1710 - Adds support for http proxy to yum config
COOK-1556 - Add ability to define service template to be used in the
nagios_services data bag
COOK-1618 - User data bag group allowed to log into Nagios should be
COOK-1696 - Support defining non-Chef managed hosts via data bag items
COOK-1697 - Source installs should install the latest NRPE and Nagios
COOK-1723 - Amazon missing as a supported OS in the Nagios metadata
COOK-1717 - Nagios server web page under Apache2 fails to load out of
the box

COOK-1653 - yum_repoistory mirrorlist option not working
Reopened: Mirrorlist should be passed in through the url attribute
COOK-1617 - Nagios server installs from source should include the
check_nrpe plugin
Reopened: check_nrpe should be built by client_source recipe (COOK-1732
should fix this)
COOK-1691 - Nagios packages asks for admin password during install
Reopened: Pull request closed
COOK-1725 - Configurable notification options for nagios::pagerduty
Reopened: Needs compatibility added for node[‘nagios’][‘pagerduty_key’]
in the recipe
COOK-1068 - Nagios::client should support CentOS/RHEL
Reopened: Based on ticket comments
COOK-1073 - A hash is overwritten in each loop iteration resulting in a
loss of function
Closed: Issue already fixed

Paul Mooring
Opscode, Inc
Systems Engineer and Customer Advocate