10/30 Opscode Code Review


OHAI-515 - Command line parameters for ohai are not listed in the online docs
CHEF-3952 - Cookbook view reports ERROR: undefined method `close!'
for nil:NilClass
CHEF-4439 - A single character is valid user name in linux/unix
(hence valud owner of a file)
CHEF-4644 - Update Web UI to Latest Rails
CHEF-4673 - change doc URL in shell to docs.opscode.com

CHEF-4643 - Add cookbook versions to chef-client INFO and DEBUG logs
Reopened - send this to the event subsystem too
CHEF-4612 - knife bootstrap: Remove --secret option in favor of --secret-file
Reopened - lets compromise, sir.
CHEF-4591 - knife role env_run_list manipulation
Reopened - command line option creep is hard
CHEF-4677 - Allow Knife Bootstrap to Confgure diff_disabled = true
in client.rb
Reopened - a broader feature would be killer
COOK-3811 - supervisor recipe should raise an exception if the
platform is not supported
Reopened - We need a pattern for this, also, use platform_family.

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