10/31 Opscode Code Review


Thanks to Kendrick Martin, Tim Smith, Eric Wolfe, Julian Dunn and John
Dewey for participating in our Google Hangout Code Review experiment. We
found that invites are very tied to Google+ relationships but that we can
hand out a URL and people can join. We’re going to start having Friday
cookbook review. Check out the Code Review page for more information.


Chef 11 is in feature freeze as we start finalizing work for its release
in a month or so. It’s still a couple weeks before we reach an release
candidate and a complete code freeze though.

To merge:
CHEF-2905 - centos5-gems and chef-full bootstraps fail when wget/curl is
not installed.
CHEF-3556 - Knife search should assume you’re searching for nodes, and
make a fuzzy query if the query is not in solr syntax
CHEF-2936 - Cookbook attribute file to have access to expanded attributes
CHEF-3006 - log provider - separate name from message for notifies
COOK-1571 - windows_package resource (with msi provider) does not accept
spaces in filename
COOK-1404 - include ntp leap file for leap seconds
COOK-1261 - Fix issues with the default.vcl handling
COOK-1735 - Support Amazon Linux in nginx::source recipe
COOK-1669 - Using platform(“ubuntu”) in default attributes always
returns true
COOK-1752 - Add headers more module to the nginx cookbook

CHEF-3560 - knife ssh -G user@gateway does not prompt for gateway
Reopened - Add hostname to password prompt
CHEF-3521 - Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump
Reopened - Use Mixlib::Shellout::CommandTimeout
COOK-1434 - add cargo remote deploy support to jetty
Reopened - fix default password issues
COOK-1694 - Added additional my.cnf fields and reorganized cookbook to
avoid race conditions with mysql startup and sql script execution
Reopened - what are the Mysql 5.5 packages? Put node.save back in the
right place.
COOK-1495 - Nginx source URL not honoring overridden version
Reopened - Reduce complexity, non CLA-holder commit, duplicate attributes

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