10/5 Opscode Ticket Triage


The merge list for Chef 0.10.6 is nearly empty. Planning to have a
release candidate by the end of the weekend.

To merge:
CHEF-2573 - knife ssh interactive mode via tmux fails on OS X when
search queries contain a colon
CHEF-2651 - solr_url ignores the path

CHEF-2647 - improve file specificity with component versions
Reopened - What happens with a non-standard platform_version?
CHEF-2661 - Chef::Cookbook::SyntaxCheck shouldn’t shell_out to run
erubis via sh
Merge - but why did we use “sh -c” to begin with?
CHEF-2660 - chef-expander: undefined method `stop’ for
Merge - but immediate stop instead of graceful

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