10/7 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3729 - Nagios Plugin download URL has changed
COOK-3680 - Update template paths
COOK-3699 - OpenLDAP Cookbooks - add extra options
COOK-3731 - Remove range searches in Nagios cookbook that break chef-zero
COOK-3730 - The default authentication method for Nagios should not be openid
COOK-3704 - Fix alternatives when the package is already installed
COOK-2584 - Add client-side result cache to partial_search cookbook
COOK-3565 - Make server.xml connectors maxThreads params
configurable via attributes
COOK-3625 - Resource unicorn fails when node does not provide cpu count
COOK-3711 - Allow ssh slaves to set Jenkins’ prefix_start_slave_cmd
and suffix_start_slave_cmd options
COOK-3696 - sort hostgroups so they don’t get updated on each run
COOK-3723 - Support regexp_matching in Nagios
COOK-3633 - Add not_if for stopping action during updating erlang cookie
COOK-3716 - Alter SQL Server user roles

CHEF-4559 - Dialect support and loading enhancements
Reopened - Needs a little work to realign with the design
CHEF-4579 - yum package action :install differs from actual yum
install on guest
Wont fix - current behavior makes sense to most folks
CHEF-4587 - Windows service provider should treat all START_TYPEs !=
DISABLED as enabled
Reopened - How do we tell if the service will autostart?
CHEF-4301 - knife site cookbook install with :use_current_branch
option doesn’t work with slashes in branchname
Reviewed - Are these commands different in a subtle way?
CHEF-4289 - IPS provider performs unnecessary upgrades
Reopened - The existing tests are lying
COOK-3640 - ssh_known_hosts broken for Data Bags and Search Hosts
Reopened - This data bag format was meant to be simpler
COOK-2954 - PostgreSQL installation ignores version attribute on CentOS >= 6
Skipped - Steven Danna is going to review out of band
COOK-3567 - Allow user to bypass apt cache via attributes
Reopened - Needs a rebase and docs
COOK-3744 - Cannot pass user resource action option via data_bag
Reopened - Add to the docs
COOK-2572 - Add mod_pagespeed recipe to apache2
Reopened - Add copyright/license headers
COOK-3023 - NTP leapseconds file denied by Ubuntu apparmor profile
Reopened - Needs a rebase
COOK-3488 - set alternatives for IBM JDK
Reopened - Update the README for the new LWRP
COOK-3711 - Allow ssh slaves to set Jenkins’ prefix_start_slave_cmd
and suffix_start_slave_cmd options
Skipped - Paging Seth “jenkins” Chisamore?
COOK-3714 - Powershell features provider and delete support.
Reviewed - Removed commented lines

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