10/8 Developer Office Hours


Chef #2165 - RFC 17 implementation
Chef #2149 - knife upload fails due to “wrong” ruby syntax in files/* file

Chef #2125 - CHEF-2911 (yum package version constraints)
Need to fix the failing tests.

Chef #2049 - support arrays for not_if and only_if
Add the join functionality, unless @jdmundrawala convinces us otherwise.

Chef #1926 - Client name should not be coupled to node name.
Refactor as previously discussed, add a unit test, and good for now.

Ohai #346 - Add support for ip version ss131122
Needs a rebase, should be good to go though.

Ohai #414 - initial commit of ohai plugin for vmware
Needs tests

Ohai #416 - Update mime-types
Needs justification

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