11/11 Opscode Chef Code Review


OHAI-514 - Java plugin on mac in ohai-7 may have been broken
CHEF-3734 - add options to control "git checkout -b deploy"
CHEF-4420 - mailto attribute in Cron resource can not be removed once set
CHEF-4716 - --cookbook-version no longer a parameter for "knife download"
CHEF-3940 - Chef::Provider::Git with user attribute queries
CHEF-4714 - More confusion over --log_level versus --log-level in
CHEF-4715 - --client-key should be --client_key on online docs for chef-client
CHEF-4730 - knife environment compare
CHEF-4734 - Stop enforcing group/owner regular expressions

CHEF-4732 - ability to run ohai and save the collected info back to the server
Reopened - Add a test

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