11/14 Opscode Code Review


Thanks to Kendrick Martin and Sean Escriva for participating in code
review today.

Once again Google+ profiles won out and I ran one of the hangouts out of
the wrong one, so I’m currently uploading the video. You can see them here


To merge:
CHEF-3534 - Node object should handle respond_to? and method_missing
errors like other objects

CHEF-3521 - Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump

CHEF-3597 - knife.rb cannot handle frozen strings in chef_server_url
(like from ENV)

CHEF-3532 - Simplify code in Chef::Cookbook::CookbookVersionLoader#empty?

CHEF-2576 - Omnibus for Joyent SmartMachines

CHEF-2421 - execute other resources BEFORE main resource

Reopened - Still need to figure out how to reliably tell if a resource
has changed
CHEF-3562 - Add name attribute to metadata.rb by default

Reopened - Minor formatting concern to troll future Opscode employee
CHEF-3348 -Better CHANGELOG formatting

Reopened - We voted to keep the links
COOK-1063 - teach python_pip about requirements files.

Reopened - Make a different resource for managing different objects.
COOK-974 - chef-server::apache-proxy should make it easy to redirect
http://<host_name>/ to https://<host_name:444 to access the webui

Reopened - Not sure what the state of this is, Joshua?
COOK-760 - selinux enforce/permit/disable based on attribute

Reopened - Default to permissive
COOK-547 - The bluepill cookbook does not reload services when the
template is changed

Reopened - This fix doesn’t appear to trigger a pill load from the
COOK-1251 - Seeing FATAL: NotImplementedError error when using
windows_package resource

Reviewed - Upstream bug?

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