11/15 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3968 - jenkins cookbook assumes JENKINS_HOME and HOME are the same.
COOK-3998 - mysql cookbook not honoring node[:mysql][:server_name] on rhel
COOK-3873 - Jenkins server group attribute not defined for debian
COOK-3874 - COOK-3492 patch breaks server_test.rb
COOK-3862 - Improve database cookbook documentation
COOK-3876 - Cater for setting rate limits
COOK-3869 - Add a certificate resource provider to the Java cookbook

COOK-3764 - IBM Java installer needs ‘rpm’ package on Ubuntu
Reopened - Tests? Giant conditional isn’t great
COOK-3872 - Cookbook XML runs apt-get update on every run
Reopened - Remove the apt cookbook
COOK-3845 - Allow Nagios to monitor single hosts, not just host groups.
Reviewed - Tim Smith?
COOK-3878 - Allow customized data bag search term for adding vpn users
Reopened - Don’t pull in the commit from COOK-3835
COOK-2954 - PostgreSQL installation ignores version attribute on CentOS >= 6
Reviewed - This needs someone to love it.

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