11/16 Opscode Code Review


Have a great weekend folks. If you haven’t seen any code reviews yet,
maybe check one out over the weekend: http://youtube.com/opscodebtm

To merge:
COOK-1682 - use template instead of file resource in apt::cacher-client

COOK-1875 - cacher-client should be Environment-aware

COOK-1893 - apt_preference use “package_name” resource instead of “name”

COOK-1894 - change filename for sources.list.d files

COOK-1233 - Add optional configuration to facilitate handling of
canonical maps

COOK-1189 - Template change does not restart rsyslog on Ubuntu

COOK-1469 - memcached cookbook should include_recipe “yum::epel” for
rhel 5 platforms

Reopened - Walking the EPEL fence here.
COOK-1460 - Default Ports Attribute can cause daemon restarts on every
Chef run

Reopened - Discuss better approaches

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