11/19 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3568 - knife bootstrap does not expand tilde (~)

CHEF-3348 - Better CHANGELOG formatting

CHEF-3562 - Add name attribute to metadata.rb by default

COOK-1275 - haproxy-default.erb should be a cookbook_file

COOK-1287 - default trac installation doesn’t work

COOK-1301 - Add a recycle action to the iis_pool resource

COOK-1440 - Delegate service control to normal user

COOK-1594 - Template-Service ordering issue in app_lb recipe

COOK-1644 - Bluepill cookbook fails on Redhat due to missing default or
redhat template directory.
COOK-1665 - app pool identity and new node[iis][component] attribute

COOK-1665 - app pool identity and new node[iis][component] attribute

CHEF-3609 - when bootstrapping, should generate no_proxy in
/etc/chef/client.rb if no_proxy is configured in knife.rb

Reopened - Don’t set defaults
CHEF-3610 - when bootstrapping, should set log_level in
/etc/chef/client.rb to the log_level of knife/chef process

Reopened - Set correct log_level, add tests
CHEF-3582 - whyrun mode fails for user resource lock action

Reopened - Use block_action!
CHEF-955 - Make git provider respond to a new repo URL
Reopened - Simplify return value ||^|| thing
COOK-1576 - Do not symlink /etc/init.d/servicename to /usr/bin/sv on

Reopened - Why is update-rc.d being run?
COOK-1673 - Deploy_revision in the application cookbook gives an
argument error

Reviewed - This should be fixed in the next Chef release
COOK-1694 - Added additional my.cnf fields and reorganized cookbook to
avoid race conditions with mysql startup and sql script execution

Reopened - I failed to reopen this on 10/31 when last reviewed
COOK-1695 - python_pip: Timeout value not passed to pip

Reopened - fix kind_of to allow the default class

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