11/2 Opscode Ticket Triage


We took a little time this week to start cleaning up the Chef github
pull requests today, closing about a quarter of them. If anyone wants
to help, it would be great if they could go through the pull requests
that don’t have a link to a corresponding ticket and provide one. For
some pull requests this is just a matter of finding the ticket number
in the pull request and adding a link. For others, there may not be a
clue and you have to search a bit. Any additional information to help
us figure out if they should be closed when we glance at them helps!

Of course 0.10.6 is out in beta now courtesy of Dan, so I hope you’re
going to start testing that in the next couple of days.

Chef 0.9 has been in maintenance mode since 0.10.0 was released, six
months ago today. We’ve planned on making 0.9 End of Life (EOL) after
six months and we’re working on policy around that now. If you have
any thoughts, we’d love to hear them.

CHEF-2550 - yum provider - report on source repository
OHAI-303 - filesystem uuid support
COOK-464 - Automate mysql portions of jira cookbook

KNIFE_RACKSPACE-19 - Can’t start servers on RackSpace UK
Reopened - public_dns_name method should return a dns name still.

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