11/20 Opscode Code Review Part #2



CHEF-4703 - Refactor handle_command_failures method.
CHEF-4421 - Improve “No cookbook found” error message
CHEF-4745 - Confusing sentince re: --interval SECONDS
CHEF-4738 - online documents for “knife bootstrap” missing
–bootstrap-no-proxy parameter
CHEF-4739 - Deprecated parameters in “knife raw” documentation
CHEF-4744 - Missing backslashes
CHEF-4763 - Chef solo CLI arguments for environment are undocumented
CHEF-4779 - Chef search documentation should mention delay in search results
CHEF-4604 - Wording of data bag directory structure is very confusing
CHEF-4747 - Allow configuring how many threads will be used for
knife cookbook upload
CHEF-4759 - chef-solo on Windows prints out ASCII escape sequences
CHEF-3940 - Chef::Provider::Git with user attribute queries

CHEF-2418 - ‘knife ssh’ should prompt for user password
Reviewed - Yes, prompt for a password if -P is passed but nil
CHEF-3940 - Chef::Provider::Git with user attribute queries
Reviewed - Waiting on Seth C for a respone
CHEF-4749 - msiexec /qb /i the-chef-package.msi
ADDLOCAL=ChefClientService does not work per docs
Reviewed - Adam Ed?
CHEF-4777 - Add recipes included via included_recipe to the recipes
attribute so they’re searchable on the node
Duplicate of CHEF-1977, thoughts on design added on CHEF-1977

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