11/21 Opscode Code Review


Opscode is closed for Thanksgiving vacation tomorrow and Friday.

Happy Thursday everyone:

We’ve got some good stuff hitting Chef 10-stable, so we’ll start working
on a 10.18.0 release next week after we finish fixing the broken
functional tests and I catch up on merges.

To merge:
CHEF-3619 - Chef still has obsolete ‘rake/rdoctask’ require

CHEF-3367 - chef-client daemon’s pid file is sometimes accidentally

CHEF-955 - Make git provider respond to a new repo URL

CHEF-3628 - knife upload with no parameters should prompt before
uploading EVERYTHING

COOK-1715 - Add user and group to python_pip
COOK-1711 - Improvements to the Ant cookbook

COOK-1665 - app pool identity and new node[iis][component] attribute

COOK-1764 - Add Max Connections to memcached.conf and fix typos

COOK-1758 - NotImplementedError: super from singleton method that is
defined to multiple classes is not supported

COOK-1804 - apache2 cookbook: web_app enable flag ignored - cannot
create new web app in disabled state

CHEF-3516 - Some knife commands emit Errno::EPIPE when used in a pipeline

Reopened - Silent rescues are silent
CHEF-3587 - knife diff and chefignore seems busted

Reopened - Add a regression test
KNIFE-154 - Support new IAM Role feature in Knife EC2 Server Create

Reopened -
COOK-1326 - python_pip broken with python 2.7 (at least on FreeBSD)

Closed - Duplicate of COOK-1282
COOK-1703 - openssh should reload when the template changes

Reopened - fix reload on Arch
COOK-1767 - use platform_family in chef-server cookbook

Reopened - incorrect usage of value_for_platform_family
COOK-1807 - Adds support to set Environment Variables in the context.xml
Reopened - Use an LWRP?

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