11/25 Opscode Code Review


OHAI-529 - ip_scopes should preferentially choose ethernet
interfaces for privateaddress
CHEF-4757 - ruby cookbook file in web UI shows up as “Binary file not shown"
CHEF-4310 - include_recipe page has an error and is a little weird
CHEF-4315 - 404 link at
CHEF-4748 - Knife data bag accepts different ID validation during
"data bag item from file” and “data bag edit” vs the “data bag create”

CHEF-4731 - Stopping a non-existent Windows Service Causes Exception
Reopened - Needs tests, seems like an okay behavior
CHEF-3797 - Chef::Util::FileEdit insert_line_if_no_match works only
once per instance
Duplicate - CHEF-4173 - oh, file_edit, you.
CHEF-2418 - ‘knife ssh’ should prompt for user password
Reopened - Move out of a Proc
CHEF-4799 - Calling dup on attribute arrays containing nil throws exception
Reopened - Rescue on TypeError and add a test

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