11/26 Opscode Code Review


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To merge:
CHEF-3516 - Some knife commands emit Errno::EPIPE when used in a

COOK-1775 - webpi must be unzipped to install if it’s not installed

COOK-1774 - Ubuntu: Add attribute to enable/disable including source apt

COOK-1844 - make PostgreSQL service name a configurable attribute

KITCHEN-23 - Generated Kitchenfile should honor cookbook name from

Reopened - create #has_metadata? And refactor to use
CHEF-3249 - Chef support for template partials

Reviewed - Better error message?
CHEF-3571 - Add a chef-apply ruby script into chef gem for running a
single recipe without modifying the node’s run_list

Reopened - Check file handling, chef-solo mode, name of binary.
COOK-1803 - php_pear tries to install PECL package through PEAR (gear

Reopened - Don’t run the same command twice
COOK-1777 - Update activemq recipe for stomp configuration

Reopened - Bad permissions, why enabled by default?
COOK-1773 - Extending the rsync cookbook adding resources for client

Reopened - Keep examples as examples and not recipes + roles
COOK-1845 - Unable to remove users

Reopened - Should not be a bug, need more information
COOK-1842 - Allow specifying of ssh keys

Reopened - ssh keys can be RSA or DSA

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