11/28 Opscode Code Review


We’re going to have a marathon cookbook code review on Friday (11/30) from
1900-2200 UTC (2pm-5pm EST, 11am-3pm PST). If you can spare even an hour
to jump in that’s encouraged. I’ll be posting the hangout link on IRC and
Twitter, or if you sign up on the wiki and add an email address I’ll send
it to you.


We’ve been keeping pace with Cookbook review doing 3 hour-long sessions a
week, but we’d like to catch up a but. Think of this as a Code Review
flavored Bug Bash.

http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/CHEF-2421 - execute other resources
BEFORE main resource http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/CHEF-2421

We spent most of todays Chef code review time discussing CHEF-2421. As
Xabier has progressed we’ve found that the current model for resources and
providers just doesn’t work for a ‘before’ notification, which leads us to
go around in circles wondering if this feature really justifies itself.

We ran out of time today and need to talk more.

The trouble is determining if the resource would actually run so that the
before notification is only triggered in that case, otherwise its value is
pretty much lost. Xabier has been doing good work but we’re worried
there’s a big refactor in here to do this right.

Thanks to Mike Fiedler and Chris Roberts for joining us today for cookbook
code review.

To merge:
COOK-1851 - Support server-id and binlog_format settings

COOK-1406 - pg gem compile is unable to find libpq under Chef full stack
(omnibus) installation

COOK-862 - Support for “server_id” and “log_bin” attributes in my.cnf in
Reopened - Is it log-bin or log_bin?
COOK-1841 - recipe downloads tmux tar everytime, even if its installed

Fixed - Joshua is updating the checksum
COOK-1840 - Enable bluepill to log to rsyslog

Reopened - Use a .d directory and don’t enable by default
COOK-1839 - add httpchk configuration to haproxy-app_lb.cfg.erb template

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