11/30 Opscode Code Review


Wow, that was an epic 53 tickets. Thanks for everyone that joined or
watched. I hope you enjoyed it.



Master is pretty much frozen for Chef 11 testing now. We want to get it
into your hands.

We’ll be working on another Chef 10.x release soon.

To merge:
COOK-1836 - aws_elastic_lb resource should be idempotent

COOK-1835 - use platform_family for zlib cookbook

COOK-1832 - Boost: Add RHEL Support

COOK-1826 - Support nokogiri chef_gem

COOK-1808 - Add Support for Tomcat 7

COOK-1873 - Add set_user_tag action to rabbitmq_user LWRP

COOK-1860 - refactor maven provider to use resources and shell_out

COOK-1850 - Add Oracle linux support to RabbitMQ cookbook

COOK-1849 - Add RHEL support to TFTP
COOK-1838 - Switch to platform_family approach to support scientific

COOK-990 - “params” inside “runit_service” isn’t the same as outside

COOK-1880 - Extra attribute was left over after the
multi_environment_monitoring update

COOK-1881 - Oracle should be added to the metadata for Nagios

COOK-1847 - DMG should accept owner as a parameter when installing

COOK-1869 - Foodcritic fixes for Jira cookbook

COOK-1883 - Cookbook iptables has unstated perl requirement

COOK-1544 - Nagios cookbook needs to support event handlers

COOK-1889 - SSH restarting on each chef run due to template changes

COOK-1892 - Revamp sudo cookbook and LWRP
COOK-1895 - SmartOS support for build-essentials

COOK-1896 - Escape commands

COOK-1902 - Add support for archlinux to the libxml2 cookbook

COOK-1234 - firewall cookbook should allow multiple ports per rule

COOK-1903 - Allow owner of runit service to restart

COOK-1868 - Fix bug where scientific linux wasn’t actually supported as
it was left off in some switch statements

COOK-878 - manage an rsync service or otherwise make the rsync cookbook
more interesting

COOK-1765 - Install Strawberry Perl on Windows in Perl Cookbook

COOK-1908 - Unable to install repoforge on CentOS 6 32 Bit

COOK-1910 - Add IPv6 module

COOK-1914 - Wrong dir permissions for /etc/apt/preferences.d/

COOK-1916 - Download location wrong for apache2 mod_auth_openid >= 0.7

COOK-1917 - Improve mod_auth_openid recipe to handle module upgrade more
COOK-1921 - Task LWRP will return true for resource exists when no other
scheduled tasks exist

COOK-1923 - support chef-client::cron on Solaris/SmartOS

COOK-1898 - Support Handlers and Cache Options with Attributes
COOK-1925 - support SmartOS for python

COOK-1927 - unknown node[:fqdn] prevents bootstrap if chef-client::cron
is in run list

COOK-1924 - use splay for size of random offset in chef-client::cron

COOK-1965 - Keepalived coookbook has some bugs

COOK-1943 - Update git cookbook to git 1.8.0


COOK-1827 - Add Amazon Linux support to opscode-cookbooks/zlib

Duplicate - COOK-1835
COOK-1872 - Allow latest PostgreSQL deb packages to be installed

Reopened - Convey where the packages are coming from better
COOK-1865 - Add Scientific linux support by moving towards

Reopened - value_for_platform_family doesn’t test platform_version
COOK-1859 - Add Scientific linux support by moving towards

Reopened - Missing platform_family checks
COOK-425 - New php module recipes: imagemagick, imap, mcrypt, and sybase.

Wont fix - Use the LWRPs, module recipes are deprecated
COOK-1809 - database username should be escaped on creation

Duplicate - COOK-1896
COOK-1897 - gunicorn install lwrp sets updated_by_last_action(true)
every chef-run

Reopened - Don’t monkeypatch Chef in a recipe
COOK-547 - The bluepill cookbook does not reload services when the
template is changed

Reopened - is load not idempotent without the service check?
COOK-1888 - SmartOS support

Reopened - Can’t use platform? In an attribute file
COOK-1915 - Support SmartOS for nscd

Reopened - Why the package resource exception?
COOK-1913 - connect to the “postgres” database rather than “template1”

Reopened - Are we sure we want to?
COOK-1863 - Install chef-client as a Windows Service

Reopened - Don’t overwrite parts of Chef
COOK-1928 - file input lwrp for rsyslog

Reopened - Make this do all the configs

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