11/5 Opscode Code Review


We’re adding more cookbook review sessions and we’re up to three hours of
dedicated review now, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today’s cookbook
review sessions was heavily attended, with the hangout being almost full
with 8-9 people as well as 5-6 people lurking on the Youtube broadcast. We
also recorded them so you can watch them on Youtube if you’re into that
sort of thing. If you are, please let me know, because that would be
interesting to know that the effort is worth it.

For Cookbook review we were once again joined by Tim Smith and Kendrick
Martin. Eric Wolfe was watching the Youtube channel and jumped on to
discuss one of his tickets when he heard his name. We also had Cary
Penniman, Brian Flad and Fletcher Nichol join us. It’s great seeing so
much enthusiasm for the process. Remember we can only fit 10 people in the
hangout so if you are in the hangout and we’re at capacity, consider
switching to the Youtube stream if you are just listening so that others
can join if they have a ticket come up.

Chef: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdMw8J1ewXw
Cookbooks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOaqZrmirPA

We will keep using the wiki as the sign up sheet for now:

CHEF-3572 - Chefignore does not ignore filenames with only word

CHEF-2427 - yum package version availability does not work with
CHEF-3560 - knife ssh -G user@gateway does not prompt for gateway

CHEF-3576 - support raspbian as a platform

OHAI-413 - add raspbian as a detected platform

COOK-1768 - The apt-get update in build-essentials needs to be renamed

COOK-1756 - Allow tmux to be installed via source or package based on

COOK-1683 - Nginx fails Windows nodes just by being required in metadata

COOK-1770 - nginx cookbook fails on servers that don’t have a "cpu"

COOK-1759 - git::source needs additional package for rhea platform_family

COOK-1730 - Add ability to specify which version of bluepill to install

COOK-1753 - Add ability for nginx::passenger recipe to configure more
Passenger global settings

COOK-1772 - Simplify management of EPEL with LWRP


CHEF-3220 - chef-client yum provider claims kernel is not installed,
though yum shows the opposite

Closed - Not a bug, per Matthew Kent
CHEF-2861 - Deploy Provider’s migration command should display output on

Commented - On hold until we get the functional tests merged in
CHEF-3577 - knife ssh overrides port value in ssh config

Reopened - Make it shorter
CHEF-1911 - As a chef user I want to load all my roles from files with
one command

Reopened - Handle more cases.
COOK-1711 - Improvements to the Ant cookbook

Reopened - Various fixes needed
COOK-1708 - Added recipes for jetty 7 and 8 (both eclipse and high tide)

Reopened - Various refactoring notes

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