11/7 Opscode Code Review


Chris Roberts and Sean Escriva were the inaugural community members
joining the Chef code review today. Thanks guys! We also had a pretty full
house in Cookbook review with Greg Symons, Mike Fiedler, Mariano Cortesi,
Waldo Grunenwald and Sean Escriva participating.

Recorded sessions are available here:

Chef Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYHELd_XPO4
Cook Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLCRfOCEACY

We’d love feedback on these hangouts. Is it beneficial having them live
streamed? Do you watch the recording?

Is my twitter account (btmspox) an acceptable way to get the Youtube URLs?
I don’t want to create too much noise on the Opscode twitter account, but
maybe it is just too much noise.

Any other questions?

Signup hasn’t moved: http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Code+Review

To merge:
CHEF-3577 - knife ssh overrides port value in ssh config

COOK-1754 - Allow group to be set in nginx.conf file

COOK-1837 - nginx::passenger doesn’t work on debian family

COOK-1781 - Use ‘sv’ to reload nginx when using runit

COOK-1263 - Nginx log (and possibly other) directory creations should be

COOK-1574 - config recipe doesn’t work on Windows

COOK-1779 - Don’t run apt-get update and others if pg already installed

COOK-1650 - Enable max message size configuration via override parameters

COOK-1784 - Can’t place settings file before migrate

COOK-1788 - init_style of “upstart” doesn’t work with anything but Ubuntu

COOK-1623 - Add an option to prevent erlang installation

COOK-1627 - Attributes for couchdb default.rb file should be set using
default instead of set

CHEF-3497 - Allow knife.rb to implicitly provide all knife related

Reopened - Dan and Chris chatted it out, Chris plans to rock out
CHEF-2911 - Yum Provider will not install correct version if version
string is specified in the name

Reopened - This pattern is different than other providers. We should
discuss that.
CHEF-2861 - Deploy Provider’s migration command should display output on

Reopened - mixlib-shellout for the win
CHEF-1911 - As a chef user I want to load all my roles from files with
one command

Reopened - More refactoring into less code
CHEF-955 - Make git provider respond to a new repo URL

Reopened - Be idempotent about running git-config
CHEF-3586 - Patch chef/knife to support stdio globals, overridable UI

Reopened - Handle the config, add tests
COOK-1239 - openvpn cookbook should remove users w/ action:remove flag

Reopened - Use file instead of execute
COOK-1778 - Externalize port configuration

Reopened - Please rebase and use strings
COOK-1765 - Install Strawberry Perl on Windows in Perl Cookbook

Reopened - Use %TEMPDIR% and recursive true on directory create
COOK-1629 - Couchdb source recipe not working on CentOS 5.8

Reopened - Do we need to use EPEL? Is it the right thing to do?

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