11/9 Opscode Code Review


Apparently these emails like to hide in the background on me until the
next work day. Folks from the community continue to join the code review
sessions. You can too, or just following along on Youtube. Details on the
wiki: http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Code+Review

To merge:
COOK-1664 - chef-client::cron and chef-client::service break folder
permissions of chef-server recipe on same node

COOK-1815 - Switch Nagios to use platform_family not platform

COOK-1816 - Nagios: mod ssl shouldn’t get installed if SSL isn’t being

COOK-1871 - Attribute driven configuration files for PostgreSQL

COOK-1871 - Attribute driven configuration files for PostgreSQL


COOK-784- chef-client cookbook lacks an interval dial in the default

Closed - Wont Fix, need use case, interval is sort of ThereCanBeOnlyOne
COOK-997 - chef-client daemon needs to be restarted when client
configuration is updated

Reopened - We can’t restart chef-client in the middle of a run, need to
add a feature to chef for this
COOK-1191 chef-client cookbook doesn’t log to /var/log/chef/client.log
when using init_style runit

Reopened - set the log_dir in the sv-chef-client-log-run.erb template
COOK-1359 - chef-client init script does not invoke “daemon” with full

Closed - Duplicate of COOK-635
COOK-1855 - Parameterize owner and group of Chef state directories

Reopened - set attributes in the attribute file
COOK-1864 - Use --fork to reduce memory usage by deamon

Reopened - Fix up the conditional
COOK-1746 - nagios should provide more flexibility for server aliases

Reopened - Needs rebase
COOK-1797 - Moved role_list generation to before it is first needed

Closed - Duplicate of COOK-1543
COOK-1805 - Don’t disable default websites in the Nagios cookbook

Reopened - Look for an existing attribute
COOK-1818 - Nagios cookbook should not define default checks in the

Reopened - Add examples of data bag items for the removed checks

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