12/10 Opscode Code Review


Hat to to Tim Smith for joining us today for cookbook code review.

To merge:
CHEF-2911 - Yum Provider will not install correct version if version string is specified in the name
CHEF-3386 - Chef init script improper PID check
CHEF-2627 - Knife SSH should return exit code based on whether or not ssh command is successful or not
CHEF-3663 - Knife’s config file lookup doesn’t work when the current directory or parent is a symlink
CHEF-3632 - All providers have whyrun enabled by default due to RemoteDirectory
CHEF-3171 - http://s3.amazonaws.com/opscode-full-stack/install.sh fails to execute via /bin/sh
COOK-2019 - create 01proxy before any other apt-get updates get executed
COOK-2021 - Empty default recipe for including users LWRPs
COOK-2024 - leap file introduced by COOK-1404 needs update
COOK-2020 - Git cookbook: Add git to Windows path and improve package install
COOK-1434 - add cargo remote deploy support to jetty
COOK-1803 - php_pear tries to install PECL package through PEAR (gearman)
COOK-2017 - Support alternate chef-client locations in Mac OS X Launchd service plist
COOK-2001 - Improvements for Oracle update-alternatives
COOK-1891 - README says to modify the nrpe.cfg template, but the cookbook exports a resource for nrpe checks.
COOK-1879 - Nagios: add configuration to automatically redirect http://myserver/ to http://myserver/nagios3/
COOK-1996 - Add “source” recipe to build and install from the savannah git repositories
COOK-2032 - Use public IP address for intra-cloud checks
COOK-1576 - Do not symlink /etc/init.d/servicename to /usr/bin/sv on debian

CHEF-3659 - systemd control (systemctl) is now in /usr/bin/systemctl on arch and fedora
Reopened - Don’t break older versions of fedora
CHEF-3660 - Deploy Revision Provider Fails on Solaris 9
Reopened - Wrap the monkey patch so it is not always applied
CHEF-3332 - The route resource provider will always delete config file even for :add action
Reopened - action should not be an array in a provider
COOK-994 - The web_app definition always passes “enable true” to apache_site
Duplicates COOK-1804
COOK-1614 - postgresql::ruby fails if the yum repository for postgres is added through a resource

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