12/12 Opscode Code Review


The cookbook queue of tickets for review is, momentairly, at zero! Hooray! This is good, because we won’t have cookbook review on Monday due to a company meeting, and I’m sure Tim Smith and Mike Fiedler will continue to be actively triaging tickets and adding them to the queue when we’re not looking. Thanks for your support guys.

We’re right on a edge of getting a bunch of things out for ya’ll to take a look at, like an Ohai beta, Chef 11 client alpha, and Chef 10 beta, as well as some Opscode knife-plugin releases.

You probably already heard, but the Chefconf 2013 CFP is open: http://www.opscode.com/blog/2012/12/10/announcing-chefconf-2013-2/

To merge:
CHEF-3343 - curl -L http://opscode.com/chef/install.sh | sh fails on squeeze and wheezy
CHEF-3662 - knife client reregister fails against Chef 11 Server
CHEF-3664 - The ‘map’ variable is defined and never used in the set_or_return method of lib/chef/mixim/params_validate.rb
CHEF-3249 - Chef support for template partials
CHEF-3632 - All providers have whyrun enabled by default due to RemoteDirectory
CHEF-2812 - 0.10.4 -> 0.10.6 regression when reloading prior state from resources
CHEF-3680 - json error: (eval):3:in keys' CHEF-3683 - Chef::Node objects should be sortable CHEF-2467 - Attributes set in role not available via node object when running shef in client mode. COOK-2031 - Adding templates as a data bag, extending service data bag to take arbitrary config items COOK-1136 - Runit cookbook doesn't set owner/group for the supervise directory COOK-1960 - default_logger still looks for sv-service-log-run template COOK-1966 - nginx cookbook should let you set gzip_vary and gzip_buffers in nginx.conf COOK-2037 - yum: Ruby styling fixes COOK-2038 - yum: Updated README COOK-1456 - iptables enhancements COOK-1277 - selinux::disabled cookbook fails on servers that don't have selinux installed COOK-1473 - apache2 does not disable default site when setting "default_site_enabled" back to false COOK-2026 - Allow cherry_pick action to be used for directories as well as files COOK-1785 - Template causes service restart every time COOK-1949 - Nagios: A bad role on a node shouldn't cause the cookbook to fail COOK-2029 - apache2 restarts on every run on RHEL and friends, generate-module-list on every run. COOK-2036 - apache2: Cookbook style COOK-2041 - Postgres cookbook no longer installs on OpenSuSE 11.4 COOK-2042 - Support virtualenv, packages, requirements args for gunicorn provider COOK-1974 - Chef-Server services should have higher init priority than Chef-Client to ensure Chef-Server is available COOK-2034 - Nagios cookbook calls search more often than necessary COOK-2047 - Database cookbook provider Chef::Provider::Database::MysqlUser action :grant improperly quotesusername@hoststring COOK-1481 - unicorn provider in application_ruby cookbook should run its restart command as root COOK-2048 - NoMethodError: undefined method[]’ for false:FalseClass - Windows cookbook on task :change when action is :nothing
COOK-2049 - Add pagefile resource to the windows cookbook

CHEF-1855 - Knife should throw error if metadata.rb file is missing
Reopened - Should not put a requirement in so quickly
CHEF-3364 - Fix up Smartos Package provider
Reopened - Broken test
COOK-2033 - Can not stop Mercurial cookbook from setting permissions across repo
Reopened - Needs rebase
COOK-941 - FreeBSD support in apache2::mod_auth_openid
Reopened - Needs rebase
COOK-1675 - LWRPs for configuring bool, policy, restorecon
Reopened - Needs conditionals added

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