12/14 Opscode Cookbook Review


Google Hangouts appears to have slipped in a new feature so Google Apps accounts limit the URL to users in the organization by default. Inviting anyone from outside the organization explicitly appears to make the URL public again. So we successfully had Cookbook Code Review today, desipte Google’s shenanigans. It was a wee short, we’ll call it Hobbit-themed, due to reaching zero cookbooks to review again.

To merge:
COOK-2052 - Log files are set to insecure default
COOK-1999 - Add read_only tunable useful for replication slave servers
COOK-2054 - Use service description in the nagios_services databag items
COOK-1958 - Use chef_gem instead of gem_package for runtime gem requirements
COOK-2050 - IIS cookbook does not have return resource defined
COOK-2053 - Supervisor cookbook missing stopasgroup
COOK-2003 - Only able to use apache2-prefork-dev to compile passenger
COOK-2057 - Ohai plugin distribtion from other cookbook fails if ohai attributes are loaded after the other cookbook
COOK-2059 - xml cookbook is missing dependency on build-essential
COOK-2060 - Mysql::Error: Table ‘.’ doesn’t exist when privileges include SELECT and database/table attributes are nil

COOK-1984 - Add option to configure the address apache listens to
Reopened - Support NameVirtualHosts
COOK-2043 - install git on ubuntu 12.04 not git-core
Reopened - Use node[‘platform_version’]
COOK-1745 - Windows cookbook should allow for newer versions of rubyzip
Reopened - Set a default attribute

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