12/14 Opscode Ticket Triage


Surely you saw that Chef 0.10.6 shipped yesterday. With nearly eighty
fixes, again, you really want it.

The US Holidays are upon us, and Opscode will be a little quiet the
next couple of weeks. We will be working on the next Ohai release and
merging for Chef 0.10.8

Have you seen the awesome source code browser we pushed to the
community site yesterday? Now is the time to start getting those
cookbooks uploaded, even the ones that aren’t “perfect” yet.


More community features are already being worked on, so don’t fret
that it’s not finished with the features dear to your heart yet.

To merge:
CHEF-2751 - Fix spelling of “revision” from "revison"
CHEF-2759 - uninitialized constant Chef::DataBagItem when trying to
show databag named "help"
CHEF-2773 - single quotes in git commit cause ‘knife cookbook site
install’ to fail on windows
CHEF-2704 - Knife Bootstrap manpage statement about build-essentials
is wrong for current apt-packages
CHEF-1902 - Line number from erubis exception read incorrectly
CHEF-2796 - Shef fails when “node.fqdn” is not set
COOK-627 - Add ELB to AWS cookbook
COOK-795 - Chef-client cookbook should support windows

CHEF-2740 - Add new public method to file_edit.rb to append a line
if the regex doesn’t match
Reopened - Please add some tests
CHEF-2555 - managing password on FreeBSD
Reopened - Please add some tests
CHEF-2743 - knife bootstrap doesn’t have a working template for
hardy (pull request incl)
Commented - This will need to wait for the knife-bootstrap project
COOK-732 - link to file in swarm not created if torrent already
completely downloaded
Assigned - Sent to another person for review, more familiar with the cookbook
COOK-733 - add /etc/aliases template to postfix cookbook
Reopened - Cookbook best practices fixes
COOK-789 - selinux cookbook is broken
Reopened - Looking for steps to reproduce
COOK-798 - Option to run Chef-client as a cron job
Reopened - Clean up artifacts from branch

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