12/18 Chef Code Review


OHAI-467 - Ohai ip6address attribute set to link local instead of global
CHEF-4872 - ‘service’ resource is not completely documented
CHEF-4875 - ‘service’ resource documentation is incorrect
CHEF-4743 - TypeError: can’t convert nil into String
COOK-3987 - Volumes are created with the wrong # of extents. Size =
‘2%VG’ is treated as a size of 2 extents.
COOK-4005 - Make the passenger apache module installation step use
optional custom ruby when building from source
COOK-4009 - Add PostgreSQL SCHEMA management capability
COOK-4015 - chef-client cookbook should be robust
COOK-978 - pdns should install the sqlite gem (needs
build-essentials) and use the correct pdns template filename
COOK-3899 - Allow action override in service block
COOK-4021 - Allow specifying default templates for local and remote
COOK-4022 - Add use_local_ipv4 option to allow selecting internal
interface on cloud systems
COOK-3910 - ssh fails to start in Ubuntu 13.10

CHEF-4848 - Cron resource accepts a symbol as weekday
Reopened - Add an error message to the raise
CHEF-4639 - writing credentials files with file or template may
leak credentials in diffs
Reopened - Keep the checksums in the “sensitive” output