12/19 Opscode Code Review


Teemu responded to our feedback after we reviewed COOK-2085 and had it updated by the time we were finished so we could look at it again. Awesome!

To merge:
COOK-1745 - Windows cookbook should allow for newer versions of rubyzip
COOK-2062 - Remove backticks from database name when using wildcard (database_name attribute is nil)
COOK-2032 - Use public IP address for inter-cloud checks and private for intra-cloud checks
COOK-2069 - build-essential will install osx-gcc-installer when Xcode is present
COOK-2076 - Add Amazon Linux support to XFS cookbook
COOK-2072 - chef-client on mac should not attempt to create directory nil
COOK-2071 - chef-client breaks on value_for_platform_family b/c of unneeded version
COOK-2043 - install git on ubuntu 12.04 not git-core
COOK-2081 - add support for notes_url to nagios_services data bags
COOK-2086 - Allow the passing of an enviornment variables to node[‘chef-client’][‘bin’]
COOK-2089 - Add the ability to add additional text to motd
COOK-2082 - apt repository resource should support specifying the arch attribute
COOK-2085 - Incorrect default value in the sudo LWRP’s nopasswd attribute

CHEF-1814 - use Procs/lamdba in template variables to delay evaluation to runtime instead of compile time
Discussion - The solution is actually quite complicated, reasonable workarounds exist.
CHEF-2840 - SSL Verification fails using omnibus installer because of missing certs
Discussion - Created internal Opscode ticket
CHEF-3612 - Make :ssl_verify_mode configurable for chef-solo recipe_url
Reopened - Use Chef::Config default and add unit tests
COOK-1928 - file input lwrp for rsyslog
Reopened - Add a service resource, put it all it a git branch
COOK-2055 - Can’t grant privileges on all tables from specific database
Duplicate - COOK-2060
COOK-2070 - python should support mac os x
Reopened - What about macports?
COOK-1978 - chef-client cron output location configurable
Wontfix - Creating a redirection attribute seems like a bad pattern
COOK-2079 - Attempting to touch restart.txt should not cause a chef-client run to fail.
Reopened - Use a directory resource
COOK-2085 - Incorrect default value in the readme for sudo LWRP’s nopasswd attribute
Reopened - Change the LWRP attribute to false instead

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